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Ladies and gentlemen!

LLP "Teplolux-AES" is the production company "Special Systems and Technologies" in Moscow, as well as Western and European manufacturers - the world's largest manufacturers of heating cable, the leaders in the field of electric heating equipment, technical accessories and a variety of devices for hazardous areas , oil and gas and mining industries.

"Teplolux-AES" company successfully works in the market of Kazakhstan since 1999.

Our main business is a comprehensive solution in the field of electrical heating tasks:

  • Premises (basic and / or comfortable) - heated floors - "Teplolux" system,
  • Open platforms, stairs, ramps, roads and highways - "Teplodor" system,
  • Roofs and gutters - a heating system, prevents the formation of ice - the system "Teploskat",
  • Pipelines and tanks - to prevent freezing - "Teplomag" system.

Our systems operate in the cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and have positive feedback. The products we offer is fully consistent with international standards and safety requirements. Prices for our products are the lowest in Europe.

Over the years the LLP "Teplolux-NPP" was established dealer network in many cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Expanding your network, we invite you to become a dealer of "Teplolux-AES" in your area. We are ready to provide appropriate discount , which will allow you to create your own dealer network.

We will be glad to see you among our partners.

We look forward to your response and fruitful cooperation.


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Manager to work with legal entities Tatyana Kostenko

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