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Deicing system for open space « Stopice »


Stopice - This electric cable de-icing system on the basis of the heating mat is designed to prevent the formation of ice dams and removing the layer of ice and snow in open areas, roads, ramps, stairs, driveways


Are you a country house?

Deicing System Stopice

  • expand your comfort zone,
  • will eliminate the problems of the winter on the site (the site, steps, paths, ramps)
  • the clock will protect your house from snow and ice

Do you own business?

Shop and a fitness room, a beauty salon, clinic, restaurant, cafe, sauna, office building

Deicing System Stopice

  • make your business more attractive to customers
  • will protect your visitors from injuries and bruises
  • will save you from the cost of manually clearing the entrance area of ??the ice and snow.

System Description

The heating mat Stopice is a heating section of the shielded two-conductor heating cable attached to a specially polymer network. The heating mat is equipped with a mounting end (installation cable) and factory joints and terminations.

In coupling the heating conductor and the screen is securely connected to both the mounting end intended to connect the mat to the thermostat and protective earth, in the end - a reliable connection and protection of heating lived


The heating mat MST is designed, manufactured and tested in full compliance with the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). High reliability mats provided by the fact that they use a miniature shielded heating cable with a linear power ~ 40 W/m.

SUPERRELIABILITY PTFE insulated cable is resistant to high temperatures. The cable is fixed at a constant pitch on the polymer network. Specific power , released 1 square meter of the heating mat is ~ 300 W/m2, which provides a quick and uniform heating of the surface, and thus, eliminate and prevent the accumulation of ice and snow.
By fixing the cable on the grid eliminates the need select the step cable layout that reduces the likelihood of damage during installation. The unique layout of the heating cable on the grid makes the heating mat versatile, allowing you to use it on surfaces of any linear dimensions with minimal effort, for example, on the stairs.

The advantages of de-icing systems « Stopice »

  • Security pedestrian areas and roadways
  • Save time and effort

System Specifications

  • U = 220
  • The diameter of the heating cable: 6-7 mm
  • Specific mat power: ~ 320 W/m2 *
Brandcoverage area, m 2 Length, mWidth, mPower, WOperating current, A
MNT2-390-1,2 1,20 2,0 0,6 390 1,8
MNT2-590-1,8 1,80 3,0 0,6 590 2,7
MNT2-760-2,4 2,40 4,0 0,6 760 3,5
MNT2-940-3,0 3,0 5,0 0,6 940 4,3

* The Russian climate conditions, depending on the specifics of the heated surface of the recommended power density for outdoor heating is in the range of 250 – 350 W/m 2 .

Thermostatic equipment

A modern, reliable and efficient thermostat RoomStat 140 provides economical operation of the heating mat. The thermostat allows you to control the operation of the de-icing system, by applying voltage to the heating mats only when it is necessary to maintain the temperature at the surface no more than +5 o C - heat level where frost and rain will not accumulate

The thermostat RoomStat 140

The thermostat is designed to control street de-icing systems, low power for heating surfaces.
The instrument is used in conjunction with the heating cable sections and mats.
The thermostat is designed to operate the heating system at temperatures ranging from +5 o to -15 o C. It is in this temperature range is most likely the formation of ice dams.
The thermostat works according to information received from one temperature sensor, which is mounted on the street, protected from direct sunlight. At temperatures below +5 o device includes heating, and when the temperature is below the set in the range of -15 o .. 0 o , heating is switched off, because icing is unlikely.
Turn the thermostat knob varies the lower limit of the unit shutdown temperature in the range -15 o .. 0 o . The leftmost position corresponds to -15 o , the extreme right - 0 o


The thermostat RoomStat 190

The repeater relays RoomStat 190 is designed to expand the potential area surface heating systems, via distribution and accordingly increase the maximum power load of the heating system. The device is used in conjunction with thermostats SST LLC. The repeater allows you to increase the load on a thermostat to give a control signal taken from the output relay thermostat series Roomstat, I-WARM, it switches connected to it a cable section. Repeater RoomStat 150 provides the ability to connect the heating section with a maximum load current of 16 A, the maximum possible capacity of the whole system is increased by this value.

PT-330 temperature controller

Thermostat PT 330 is designed to control the de-icing systems, roofing and outdoor spaces. The master thermostat controls air temperature using an external sensor. The temperature at which the voltage is supplied to the heating mats - from -15 o C to +5 o – in that the range of possible ice formation and accumulation of precipitation. If the logged temperature fits into the designated range, the thermostat switches the built-in relay (load up to 3 kW) or driven actuators, otherwise the relay contacts open. If the power of anti-icing system exceeds the capacity of the built-in thermostat relay 3 kW (for example, when large areas of heating), is connected to the control unit an additional relay, designed for high performance.
The thermostat has a system of light indication: green / red LED lights up when there is supply voltage / turn on the heating
The device is mounted in a control cabinet on a DIN-rail


Connect the heating mat to the thermostat is easy and convenient:

For the correct connection of the mat MNT pay attention to the design of the mounting end: wire installation ends with a white and blue insulated wires connected to the heating cable, they are connected to the thermostat; wire with green and yellow insulation is connected to the shielding braid of the heating cable - it must be connected to the grounding circuit assignment (in exceptional cases, if there is no ground - to the neutral wire).
The reliability and safety of the heating mats confirmed the necessary certificates: compliance and sanitary-epidemiological


Mounting information

1   Place the heating mat on the prepared surface and fix it 2   Bring the mounting end of the heating mat to place the thermostat location
3   Fill the heating mat tile solution for external application layer at least 15 mm and allow it to dry 4   Check for damage of the heating mat in the process of pouring
5   Make the connection to the pre-arranged location thermostat, temperature sensor, heating mats, power cables 6   Place the cover on the heated surface, such as ceramic, granite or stone tile road