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In the oil and petrochemical industry pipes of different caliber and purpose often give failures due to traffic jams, narrowing the flow cross section and the high viscosity of the fluid. By maintaining the desired temperature of the system technology « Teplomag » provides a low viscosity fluids, the estimated performance and lowest power consumption. Heating pipes with water eliminates the risk of destruction due to freezing. « Teplomag » — is the brand name that unites all kinds of pipelines heating systems, tanks, fittings, pumps and associated equipment

The basis of the equipment used for heating, are heating cables and tapes of more than 40 type. They allow in each case the most efficient and cost-effectively provide a heating pipe or vessel to the desired temperature and off it, if necessary. We provide heating pipes up to 30 km in length and over powering with one end only. The main equipment produced in Russia and the UK and meets all international requirements for explosion, electro - and fire. Similar equipment is installed in enterprises Mobil Oil, Esso, Ciba, Rhone Pulenc, British Petroleum, Lukoil.

« Teplomag » - This heating cable with temperature sensor and temperature controller
Setting the system takes a little time.. Flexible heating cable is laid along the pipeline and closed insulating cover.

The thermostat automatically maintains a positive temperature in the pipeline at any air temperature outside. The automatic regulation of the system « Teplomag » consumes power only as long as is necessary to heat the pipeline


To thirty kilometers without accompanying network!
Self-regulating cable!
Hundreds of kilometers of steam lines are no longer needed!


system « Teplomag » protects the pipes with hot and cold water from freezing, oil pipelines and other pipe for pumping liquids and chemicals from clogging or crystallization agent

Insulation does not in itself prevent freezing pipes. For example, a 3/4 inch pipe with thermal insulation 25 mm thick only fully be chilled for 13 hours at an ambient temperature of -10 0 C. Frozen water pipes burst, leading to interruptions in water supply, flooding and considerable material damage. Pipelines for clogged fuel supply, equipment fails. The problem of heating pipelines effectively solved with the help of self-regulating heating cables. Due to the effect of self cable allocates the more heat the lower the temperature of the pipeline, with increasing temperature decreases its heat. Thus it saves electricity and will never burn out, even self-intersection. For pipelines of great length (over 150 m) and pipeline pumping viscous fluids (bitumen) used special zonal or resistance cables constant wattage at high temperatures.

System TEPLOMAG fire safety, energy efficiency and reliability. It operates automatically and is virtually maintenance free.

The basic tasks to solve systems of « Teplomag » :

  • Prevention of freezing and condensing fluids in the pipeline. This applies not only to the protection of water pipes in the winter, but also to heating oil and product to prevent excessive thickening products, even in countries with warm climates.
  • Compensation of heat loss. This is important when the temperature of the liquid or gas outlet conduit must be the same as the input, i.e. Heating reimburse the heat pipe to the environment. It provides heating stopped the pipeline to the process.
  • Process Heating. This is a case in which a tube must be maintained in a predetermined temperature range for this process. The heating system at the same time must have a supply of power if the process goes to the absorption of heat.
  • Start warming up. The system should heat up the liquid through the tube current in the boost phase, to ensure normal conditions for transporting it to the remainder of the pipeline.

For heating pipelines of unlimited length is used so-called SKIN-system . It is designed to maintain the product temperature, anti-freeze and start warming up the main pipelines of great length.

SKIN-system allows you to heat the pipeline shoulder up to 30 km from the power supply on one end without the accompanying power.

System components « Teplomag »

  • The heating part. It consists of a heating cable sections and accessories for fixing them on the pipe. This part directly performs the task of supplying heat to the pipe and the products contained in it
  • Distribution and Information Network. It provides food for all elements of the heating and holding data signals from the sensors to the control cabinet system. The system includes power and data cables, junction boxes and mounting elements.
  • Control System. It includes a control cabinet, special temperature controllers, temperature sensors, starting and protective equipment, corresponding system power and performance of the class of the control cabinet.
  • For heating pipelines of unlimited length is used so-called SKIN-system. It is designed to maintain the product temperature, anti-freeze and start warming up the main pipelines of great length.
  • SKIN-system allows heat pipe shoulder up to 30 km from the power supply on one end without the accompanying power supply.

system « Teplomag » fire safety, energy efficiency and reliability. It operates automatically and is virtually maintenance free. Cabling System « Teplomag » prevents damage to pipelines and tanks, even in the most severe frosts. « Teplomag » - This heating cable with a temperature sensor and a temperature controller. Installation of the system takes a bit of time.

Freezstop Inside


Heating cable sections Freezstop Inside is a product made on the basis of self-regulating heating cable c Teflon coated power density of 10 W/m, which supports the required pipe temperature during the cold period, ensuring its quality and trouble-free operation and safety.

The heating system piping Freezstop Inside is installed inside the pipe with water or other non-aggressive environment, as well as the outside of the pipe (optional). The heating cable with teflon coated completely inert to water.

The heating section is a self-regulating cable segment equipped with a three-meter installation cable with euro at the end on one side and terminals on the other.

joints and terminations are made at the factory, reliable and leak-free.

The power is supplied from the mains 220-240.

Power is supplied from one end. At the end of the heating section set end structure is located inside the tube and provides protection IP68. To enter into the pipe using a special calnikovy unit consisting of two sleeves, two washers and rubber seals included in the package.

set Composition:

  • Heating cable sections;
  • Installation and operation;
  • the product passport;
  • The packing box;
  • Sleeve node

Technical Specifications:

  • The length of the finished section: from 2 to 20 m
  • Power supply: 220-240 V ~
  • Insulation resistance: not less than 10 megohms • m
  • ?
  • The electrical resistance of the screen: no more than 10 Ohm/km
  • Protection: IP68
  • Minimum bending radius of 35 mm
  • Minimum installation temperature: -15 0 C
  • The maximum operating temperature under stress / stress-free: 65 0 C/85 0 C
  • Linear power: not less than 10 W/m