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To fix the presence or absence of food. voltage logger records the time of submission, and power off, and the time of their own turn.

The possibility of independent control of up to 4 connected lines. Data recording is done on SD-card in the form of a table in excel-compatible format. To read the information necessary device for reading SD-card (card reader) and installed MSOffice program.

  • timestamp on and off
  • ability to connect 4 independent channels
  • the parameters of input channels, 220V / 50Hz
  • Record the information on SD-card
  • SD-Card Capacity – up to 2GB (included)
  • sticker seal included
  • easy to read information
  • installation on DIN-rail
  • minimum power consumption
  • robust construction
  • the ambient temperature +5 … +45 0 C
  • compact
  • Easy installation
  • does not interfere with the work Devices and Equipment