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Heating panels for ceilings

You do not have space for the heating equipment on the walls? Around racks or shop windows?


To resolve this problem, we offer you the STEP ceiling panels. The compact size, low power and low weight make it easy to embed them in the type of Armstrong ceiling and uniformly heat the entire area of your room.

Also, you can use them as a local heating, t. E. In a place where people are more often. Due to the principle of heat, unlike the convectors, no effect of « warm ceiling — cold floor », so the air is transparent to infrared rays, and heat up in the first place people and objects.

The panels do not require additional components and is very easy to install:

You simply change a suspended ceiling tile Armstrong & nbsp; on the heating plate and enjoy the gentle radiant heat!

Key Features:

Name Length mm Width Thickness 1pc Weight without packaging kg Power, W
1 STEP-250P / 0,59 * 0,59 590 590 10 3.5 250
2 STEP-340P / 1,2 * 0,59 1200 590 10 6,5 340