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Heating panel STEP

You live in a house or apartment and you cold in the offseason? It is necessary to put additional oil heaters or other heaters? Have you seen how they unwind electricity meter ?! And the feeling of comfort leaves much to be desired - the stuffy, stale air ....

We present a system of electric heating radiant panel. The basis of this system is based on the STEP panels from "SoftTerm" company.

How does radiant panel electric heating?

Imagine that you are lying on a sandy beach near the sea or climbed on the Russian stove. Well, the truth?

The thermal radiation of the heated sand or stone is at the same wavelength as the radiation of the human body, and therefore it is perceived well.

This principle is the basis of STEP panels. Their thermal radiation well perceived by the human body and the surrounding objects, hence for their heating requires much less energy.

Due to what is happening electricity savings?

КАРтинка - панели

Convective or water heating first heats the air in the room, and then heats the air present there, objects and people.

Panels STEP, on the contrary, is first heated objects and people in a heated room, thereby bypassing the intermediary - the air. In addition, the heaters heat the air, creating its circulation, as a result, the air is heated too often strong, and the air with the heat goes to the ceiling, respectively, is too large temperature difference, which is detrimental to human health: difficulty breathing, uncomfortable, headache ...

What are the benefits of using radiant panel electric heating?

  1. Due to the low heating temperature STEP panel air is burning, open windows for ventilation should be much less.
  2. Are you sure you are safe, because STEP panels have a high degree of fire - and explosion. Degree of protection IP 66 class of protection to 1.
  3. You are insured against additional investment in heating. Boilers and heaters tend to unexpectedly fail. The warranty period panels STEP - 8 years service life of 25 years. The unit panels are so simple that they simply nothing to break.
  4. Cheap installation. The panel is secured by 4 screws and is supplied in a 220 V power supply.
  5. The absence of convective flow prevents dust lifting from the floor, which is the main carrier of germs. STEP panels correspond to the state sanitary-epidemiological rules and norms.

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