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  • depending on the number of elements distinguish the teams and unitary suspensions;
  • depending on the installation site ceiling, wall, floor


  • pre-galvanized steel brand HE-MT-2 08ps;
  • steel thickness 1,5-5,0mm;


  • to tray width 50/100/200/300/400/500/600mm


  • - for fixing all types of cable trays for walls, ceilings and other surfaces and structures
  • .


C-ceiling pendants c-podves
C-ceiling reinforced suspension (100mm, 200mm, 300mm) c-podves u
perforated tape (19 * 0.75, in the rudder 30m; 20 * 0.7 rudder 50m) lenta


The bracket for wall mounting (100-600mm) skoba nasten
universal wall bracket (100-400mm) kronst un
reinforced wall bracket (500-600mm) kronst usil
Suspension wall unitary (100-400mm) podves nasten
Wall brackets for wire tray screwless (100-300mm) kronst bezv
Floor and wall holder (100-500mm) napolno-nasten
Bracket mounting tray skoba kr lot
Ceiling Racks stoika pot
Pins shpilka
Rods caliper (100-600mm) planka sup
suspension Console (100-600mm) Konsol podvesa
The bracket supporting two-way (100-600mm) Kronsh oporn
Profiles Perforated (C, L, U, U, Z -shaped) profil perf
Strat profiles strat prof
Nut Channel gaika kan
Hook Hanger wire tray kruk
Suspension Golf wire tray plosh
The circuit board plata
The angle mounting ugol
Strubitsa strubica
Bracket for sheeting kronsh prof