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Based on many years of experience, professionals, farmers and amateur gardeners noticed that the heating of the earth the result of their labor is significantly higher than without it, and soil temperature is one of the most important factors of productivity.

The use of greenhouses and soil heating system allows you to:

  • Begin transplanting in a greenhouse at an earlier date, regardless of the time of the onset of warm season;
  • Eliminate the danger of freezing it;
  • To provide the ideal conditions for crops in the event of adverse weather conditions (cold summer)
  • Extend the growing season with an early cold snap



1. Purpose of the system

cable heating system allows the soil in the greenhouse:

  • to plant the seedlings in the earlier period;
  • to germinate seeds;
  • to save the seedlings and vegetables from frost at any time of the year.

2. System Features

Installed power cable systems for heating greenhouses and greenhouses soil is generally from 80 to 120 W/m 2, depending on the climatic zones of the region, and planting dates The availability of sand cushion and wire mesh, which protects the cable from possible damage. Replacing the sand cushion on the concrete floor significantly increases the life of the settlement system. The heating cable is laid, only under the beds.

The minimum cost of electricity from April to October, the maximum - from November to March


The recommended temperature in the greenhouse on the root level of the 17 0 C to 25 0 C.

On the beds and beds with seedlings can reach s0 0 C.

3. Composition and Technical Data Kit 500 GB


  1. GB500 heating cable - 1 pc
  2. Electronic Temperature Controller TERM Hothouse1/3 or TP 600 - 1 pc

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  1. The heating GB500 (1 piece) cable,
    • is designed to be mounted on an area of ??4 to 6 m2 (standard bed in the greenhouse 18 m2)
    • The length of the heating section 37 running meters
    • Specific power per meter cable 13 W
    • The recommended step of laying 13-14 cm.
    • The heating cable GB500 signed in Teflon membrane that is resistant to any
      corrosive environments, including fertilizers in any combinations
    • .
  2. The thermostat TERM Hothouse 1/3 (TP 600)
    • has vlagopylenepronitsaemy housing (1R56),
    • is focused on the management of heating the soil in the greenhouse.
    • On the front control panel has 4 latch, 14 display elements and one button.
    • On the inside of the front panel mounted controller circuit board.
    • We offer ready for the installation of a set of equipment for heating the soil in a greenhouse.

4. Installation


  1. Remove the layer of soil (about 40cm)
  2. Apply a layer of sand (5 cm), sprinkle with water and tamp
  3. On the sand is placed a metal grid with 50x50 mm mesh and a wire diameter of 4 mm.
  4. To Grid heating cable is attached to the calculated step.
  5. cable again poured sand layer of 5 cm.
  6. On the sand layer is laid a protective grid from damaging the cable shovel.
  7. On the safety net fertile soil is poured 25-30 cm.
  8. The temperature sensor in the corrugated tube is installed in the middle of the fertile layer.