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The company « Special Systems and Technologies » is a novelty in the product range - system of protection against leaks Neptun XP on the Radio Channel

We are happy to swim in the pool or take a shower, but the water treatments are useful and enjoyable not for everyone. For example, how would react to an unexpected icy soul of your neighbors from the bottom? Or how much water will impact on your new wallpaper? The neighbors are unlikely to come to the delight, and the apartment will have to make unscheduled repairs.

The system of protection against leakage of Neptun XP gives you the opportunity to enjoy water treatments in my bathroom without breaking the tranquility of the neighbors, and the integrity of the repair. When leakage – for example, if the burst hose washing machine, clogged drain or faucet is turned off, - «smart» Neptun XP system instantly fix the crash and block the flow of hot and cold water. Your finish is fully preserved, furniture pleases the eye with originality and finesse, and the neighbors are quiet.

From the Neptun XP water treatment your apartment will not get any! The system of protection against leakage of Neptun XP – Reliable protection of repair and guarantee your peace of mind.