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The kit

  1. The condensing pressure control RDK
  2. The heater air conditioner compressor SAC
  3. The heater tubes HT


condensing pressure regulator designed to control the air conditioning shaft rotation speed to ensure the efficiency of air conditioning systems in the mode & laquo; cooling & raquo; in the winter time.

  • The temperature setting range + 28 … +45 ° C
  • Light indication for fan speed control
  • Operating voltage 220 VAC
  • The maximum current - 2.5 A
  • ? Also problematic blocks premature frostbite evaporator
  • Minimum Power Consumption
  • Low-cost and low operating costs
  • The reliability of the design
  • Ambient temperature -30 … +50 ° C
  • Compact
  • Easy to install
  • The temperature sensor included


The condensing pressure control RDK Commercial equipm chen to control the air conditioning shaft rotational speed (fan) depending on the temperature of the condenser.
The regulator maintains the pressure of condensation at nominal level regardless of the ambient temperature changes by changing the volumetric air flow through the condenser unit depending on the condensation temperature.
as the adjusting member is a semiconductor temperature sensor, fitted on the channel condenser outdoor unit.

The need to use

As a result of the maintenance of the condensing pressure ensured the preservation of chiller capacity, and also eliminated the unwanted effects, dramatically increases the chances of failure of the air conditioning at low temperatures the air.


In the controller design using materials resistant to temperature changes.
100% of the products are production testing. Factory programming and controller configuration eliminates the possibility of incorrect operation.

HEATER conditioner compressor

Electric air conditioning compressor heaters - NCC intended to ensure the operation of air conditioners in the room cooling operation in winter vremya.Pri low outside temperatures, the oil in the compressor is cooled by the air conditioner, thickens, and start under these conditions, operating life dramatically reduced. Furthermore, at a low temperature refrigerant absorption increases sharply with oil, which also adversely affects operation konditsionera.V instrument comprises thermostat limiting the operating range of the heater temperature + 60 ° C. This saves energy and increases the service life of the heater.

  • For all types compressors
  • Start readiness in any frost
  • Power 32.5 W ± 10%
  • The diameter of the heated housing (119-140 mm ± 10%)
  • Ambient temperature -40 & deg; C ... + 150 ° C
  • Operating voltage 220 VAC
  • Automatic shut-off when the temperature rises
  • Shutdown temperature of + 60 ° C
  • Low-cost and small.