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LLP "Teplolux-AES" exclusive representative of the company BARTEC GmbH in Kazakhstan

The company "Teplolux-AES" exists in the market of Kazakhstan from 02 June 1999 and today is the leading enterprise professionally solve all the problems in the field of industrial electrical heating:

  • the execution of preliminary calculations, project work;
  • the delivery of equipment to the leading manufacturers of plants;
  • the provision of services in mounting, installation, commissioning;
  • after-sales service.

Our systems are installed and successfully operating throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • LLP "Bakyrchik miner" - installation of heating systems at the facilities of the fuel oil facilities "Pilot plant complex ore roasting»;
  • LLP "Bogatyr Access Coal" - Heating pipes and fire-fighting tank building «pit stop»;
  • LLP "Embavedoyl" - heating storage tanks for industrial water and oil on the project "South field Kamyskul»;
  • LLP "Prominvestkomplekt" - Heating extinguishing piping at the facility "Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant" Criminal MK OJSC "Kazzinc" - heating pipeline;
  • LLP "MunaySpetsElektroMontazh" - Heating of building commercial oil metering unit, Karazhanbas field;
  • JSC "KaspiyMunayKurylys" - heating system of pipelines and storage tanks at the Base of support "the CES" of oil operations in the village. Bautino, Mangystau region. and many other objects of industrial and civil use.

Products and markets

Security is required

Safety is vital in all areas where the work is done with hazardous materials such as oil, gas or dust. One spark is enough to ignite an explosive mixture. Therefore, all component and system solutions BARTEC fulfill the required European standards (ATEX), as well as international standards and recommendations.

The name of BARTEC is known and trusted worldwide. The trust of our customers we perceive as a duty to the highest quality. We are proud of the large number of long-term partnerships with customers.