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LLP Teplolux-AES is a wide range of self-regulating cables. The third generation of industrial heating systems - self-regulating cables structurally safe at work in all ranges of temperatures and power outputs. This means that the maximum permissible temperature values, the current flow stops completely. third-generation cables can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius, remaining structurally-safe. The cable terminates to generate power at maximum continuous temperature exposure for him. High-temperature cables have aluminum shell that allows them to operate at a temperature range up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Fast and reliable

In the automation of production systems, demand innovative solutions for the sustainable growth of productivity and, therefore, profitability. He who strives for the highest achievements, relies on advanced technology BARTEC.

Bus technology

  • Remote I/O solutions for InterBus-S bus and PROFIBUS-DP

Mobile Computing

  • Date barcode
  • Data Broadcast WLAN
  • Bluetooth

BARTEC works without wires

Console computers and remote sites in a series POLARIS - is the ideal solution for the management and maintenance of complex systems, such as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. For the first time carried out a wireless communication by wireless LAN. With POLARIS system familiar convenience of using a computer is included in the explosive production area.

Control stations

  • Remote stations
  • Control panel PC
  • text / graphic displays

Is an induction heater unit, on a similar device with a transformer, which consists of two loops. Primary circuit - magnetic system, the secondary circuit - heat exchanger

Under the influence of an alternating magnetic field generated by the magnet system in metal heat-exchange device, currents are induced, causing it to become hot. The heat from the hot surfaces of the heat exchange device is transferred heated environment.

Features and benefits:

  • Long service life without changing characteristics;
  • High fire safety;
  • High electrical safety;
  • Efficiency = 98%, power factor 0,98;
  • Ability to use different heat transfer fluids;
  • simplicity in operation.

The scope of application of induction electric heaters is very wide: from the heating and hot water than usual cottage dining room of the sanatorium, gas stations, oil-home cars, separate buildings to the residential complex, a major refinery, airport, mine, steel plant, chemical, confectionery enterprise etc.

High-speed heater oil

SPEED HEATER OIL (SPN and SPN-M) - is used to heat liquids (oil and oil emulsion) in process pipelines using an intermediate heat transfer medium  . SPN is a complete unit consisting of a heating unit (induction heater), the speed of the heat exchange unit and heat engineering "binding».

The main problems solved SPN:

  • heating heavy oil;
  • heating oil during winter operation nizkodebetnyh wells;
  • heating oil before the accounting units;
  • heating oil emulsion pumping, etc.

We offer you the finished product - oil and gas pipelines with integrated electrical heating

insulated pipes with thermal insulation made of polyurethane foam with built-in components for electrical systems (specify the diameter and thickness of the thermal insulation).

We provide a full service system:

- preliminary heat calculations;

- the design documentation (on the built-in electric heating);

- the production of elements for electrical systems;

- the production of insulated pipes for oil and gas pipelines of various diameters with integrated components for electrical systems;

- the installation;

- the guarantee;

LLP "Teplolux-AES" exclusive representative of the company BARTEC GmbH in Kazakhstan

The company "Teplolux-AES" exists in the market of Kazakhstan from 02 June 1999 and today is the leading enterprise professionally solve all the problems in the field of industrial electrical heating:

  • the execution of preliminary calculations, project work;
  • the delivery of equipment to the leading manufacturers of plants;
  • the provision of services in mounting, installation, commissioning;
  • after-sales service.

Our systems are installed and successfully operating throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • LLP "Bakyrchik miner" - installation of heating systems at the facilities of the fuel oil facilities "Pilot plant complex ore roasting»;
  • LLP "Bogatyr Access Coal" - Heating pipes and fire-fighting tank building «pit stop»;
  • LLP "Embavedoyl" - heating storage tanks for industrial water and oil on the project "South field Kamyskul»;
  • LLP "Prominvestkomplekt" - Heating extinguishing piping at the facility "Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant" Criminal MK OJSC "Kazzinc" - heating pipeline;
  • LLP "MunaySpetsElektroMontazh" - Heating of building commercial oil metering unit, Karazhanbas field;
  • JSC "KaspiyMunayKurylys" - heating system of pipelines and storage tanks at the Base of support "the CES" of oil operations in the village. Bautino, Mangystau region. and many other objects of industrial and civil use.

Products and markets

Security is required

Safety is vital in all areas where the work is done with hazardous materials such as oil, gas or dust. One spark is enough to ignite an explosive mixture. Therefore, all component and system solutions BARTEC fulfill the required European standards (ATEX), as well as international standards and recommendations.

The name of BARTEC is known and trusted worldwide. The trust of our customers we perceive as a duty to the highest quality. We are proud of the large number of long-term partnerships with customers.

- High performance flexible heating panel to heat the tanks and reservoirs. Designed to provide heat output of 3100 W/m, the panel distributes the heat evenly over the entire surface.

- HT module for heating bunkers, designed to work on surfaces subject to vibration and to work in harsh environments

- steam heating systems for any temperature from freeze protection to control high-temperature processes. Optimization of the cost of heating steam is achieved by maximizing the performance using different tracers and minimize the total cost of the components.

- Heat conductive mixture (thermally conductive compounds) to ensure effective thermal connection of the external heat source to process equipment

- the system of industrial electric heating of pipelines, tanks, hoppers (self-regulating, resistive heating cables and accessories);

- Electrical Engineering for the mining industry (power distribution system to 10kV, frequency converters up to 630 kW/1000V, engines up to 2,000 kW and automation technology based on RROFIBUS-DP/CANopen bus;

- automation and communication system (local control panels, built-in limit switches, control and display devices);

- fire-proof switchgear and motors (low-voltage switchgear medium voltage cabinets for control systems);

- the measurement systems and data acquisition (hygrometers, seismic systems, system temperature alarm)

The electric heating cable system pipes (water pipelines, gas pipelines, pipelines, etc.) and storage tanks, heat pipes allows unlimited length. The system protects the pipes with hot and cold water from freezing, pipelines and pipes for pumping liquids and chemicals - from clogging and crystallization of substances. The systems are designed for use with all types of pipelines: metal, plastic, plastic. Heating pipes going through the self-regulating heating cables.

The main tasks to be solved by a cable heating system:

  • to prevent freezing and condensation of liquid in the pipeline;
  • compensation of heat losses;
  • Heating Technology;
  • start warming up - if necessary to ensure normal conditions of transport
  • Heating pipelines of unlimited length.

The system includes a heating cable is more than 40 types of temperature control system and a full set of mounting accessories and distribution.